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This car was built to correct specifications over a two-year period using many original D Type components gaining FIA HTP papers.

It was built by David Duffy and Jerry Booen in the UK using Dave Brown’s Classic Car Developments principal components constructed in New Zealand. All newly made parts were made to original drawings and specifications including the body which was built using Malcolm Sayer’s original bodyline drawings.


3.4 litre XK engine, C8610 block. D Type dry sump. C Type cylinder head ported for big valves, D Type cams. Triple 45-DCO3 carburettors on D Type manifold.

4 speed all synchro D Type gearbox with Plessey pump drive.

Dunlop disc brakes, 20 piston, full power Plessey system.

Aluminium monocoque on a tubular steel front subframe.

Double wishbone and torsion bar front, solid axle rear on trailing links with a transverse torsion bar.

Dunlop peg drive disc wheels.

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