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Introduced by Dunlop in 1954 as a replacement for the traditional wire wheel. It featured three main parts, an extruded aluminium rim rolled and welded, a pressed aluminium centre and a steel central presser plate which anchored the drive pegs and provided the taper for the centre lock spinner. These wheels proved to be lighter and stronger than the traditional spoked wheel they replaced.

The D Type Developments Reproduction Wheel

Based entirely on original dimensions, the DTD wheel is available in two rim widths, the original 5” wide and a slightly wider 5.5” width 16” diameter.

The rim is an aluminium drop forging to provide strength and toughness. The centre is an aluminium pressing (as original) which is pressed, bonded and solid riveted into the rim. The steel centre “presser plate” anchors the five drive pegs and provides the taper for the centre lock spinner.

These wheels have been subjected to, and passed, TUV standard durability tests and are also race proven on original Jaguar D Types and Lister Jaguars.


These wheels are suitable for original Jaguar D Types, Lister Jaguars and Cooper Jaguars.
The 5” wheel is made to original dimensions, the wider 5.5” rim has the extra width added to the outside of the rim and is more suitable mounting for a 6.50 racing tyre. To avoid the problem of the inside of a modern 6.50×16” Dunlop racing tyre rubbing on the radius arm on the rear of a D type a wheel with a reversed 5” wide rim wheel is available by special order.

Care should be taken to ensure proper mounting of the wheel on the hub ensuring full contact between the wheel mounting face and hub. The original size centre taper is slightly larger than some modern reproductions so care should be taken to ensure adequate engagement between the spinner and wheel taper. Correct specification inner tubes and rim bands should always be used.


Material specifications:
Rim: Drop forged aluminium alloy, tensile strength 315 Mpa, 10% elongation.
Wheel centre – pressed aluminium alloy, tensile strength 315 Mpa, 10% elongation. Painted silver.


Wheels are available ex stock at £1300 each.

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